Modern Eire was founded in 2017 by artist Ciaran Boyce in the heart of Donegal's northern peninsulas. After five years living and teaching in South East Asia, Ciaran returned home to reignite a love of the land, culture, and contemporary design and began creating prints with lasting connections for people living at home and abroad and our vast, but ever so slightly displaced diaspora.
Connection to place is important for Ciaran - it's important to seek our places that you'll never ever forget. Nurturing messages into existence, simplifying form and using a subtle palette are also chief concerns. The colour of the business is green; and this is reflected in the Irish-inspired designs and the use of environmentally friendly materials in everything we do. A recent statistic showed 40% of landfill is paper-based. So if we're going to use it, we want to use it sustainably and make it last a lifetime or two.