Eco-Friendly Wall Art

Inspired by simple Irish beauty from our belongings, landscape, and culture.

Fine art prints created and printed in Ramelton, Co. Donegal. 

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I'm Ciaran

Creative Solutions

Give your personal or business ideas a clear visual message, or uncover your creative side. 

Bespoke design, design consultation and creativity training. 



A recent statistic showed 40% of landfill is paper-based.

So if I'm going to use it, I want to respect it, ensure it comes from sustainable sources (bamboo) and make it last a lifetime or two (the paper and water-based inks combine to last 100+ years and meet museum quality standards).

All of the packaging I use is compostable or at least recyclable (where compostable materials are not feasible yet).

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I started Modern Éire in 2017 to celebrate the beauty we have on this island: our culture, our landscape, and our endeavours on a world stage. I want to see a modern Ireland full of courage, creativity and positive impact. 

I have a background in fine art, education and training, and business. When I'm not travelling, I'm at home in Ramelton, Donegal. 


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Tell me about your vision for Ireland, or how you like to create, or if you need any help with your creative challenges at the moment. 

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