The 'Coolest Place' Prints

In the golden age of railway, between the 1920s and 30s, railway posters reigned. Stations throughout Ireland and the UK were adorned in posters advertising resorts, landscapes, historical sights, sports and pastimes as competing railway companies sought to attract passengers to destinations found along their railway routes. It all started when images were made of railway lines and sold to the general public. Soon, with the advent of colour printing technology, advertising firms began to follow suit. Some artists, such as Norman Wilkinson, began submitting their work in the hope they would get used - which improved upon the quality of the imagery. As spending on advertising increased, well-known academy artists such as Paul Henry were commissioned to design iconic posters. In the post war years, the imagery was toned down to match the mood of the time and branding started to change as TV advertising began to take over.

This collection is a celebration of these travel posters of old and an invitation to people to experience the charm of Donegal in their homes; a charm that made National Geographic give Donegal the title of 'coolest place on earth 2017'