Inspire Creativity Within

Eco-friendly wall inspiration & creative growth classes.

Have more originality, courage, and positivity in your head, heart, and home, so you can create the world you want to see.

Modern Éire is about creating a vision for a modern Ireland that we can all be proud of and care deeply for, that keeps growing with positive momentum and change, and that inspires everyone who lives here or visits here. 

Our environments have a massive effect on how we see the world. Some environments inspire us and others invite negativity.

Inspiring wall art can improve your outer environment and creative growth courses can improve your inner environment so that you can keep showing up at your creative best; full of inspiration, positivity and courage.

A recent statistic showed 40% of landfill is paper-based.

So if we're going to use it, we want to respect it, ensure it comes from sustainable sources (bamboo) and make it last a lifetime or two (the paper and water-based inks combine to last 100+ years and meet museum quality standards).

All of our packaging is compostable or at least recyclable (where compostable materials are not feasible yet).

Modern Éire was created by Ciaran Boyce in 2017. Everything is created and produced in Ramelton, Donegal.

Ciaran is a creative designer, thinker, and facilitator. He has a background in fine art, business, education and training. He wants to serve you in simple, creative ways so that you can be inspired to create the changes you want to see in your world. Find out more here

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