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Our Inspiration

Legend has it that St. Bridget's cloak could grow over the land. When she asked the local chieftain for land for her monastery, he refused; before granting her as much land as her cloak would take up. To his horror, the monastery took up a number of acres in the end. Let’s hope the cloak wasn’t trailing behind her as she gathered the rushes for her famous crosses!

Giclée Token

A token you can keep close. Designed for a picture ledge or desktop. 

Size: A4 (210 x 297mm).

Sustainable 290gsm Archival Bamboo

Delicate Fine Art Paper. Pigment Inks. Eco Packaging.

Taken care of, this print will not fade for 100 years while our bio-packaging will disappear within a few months when composted. Bamboo is the most sustainable paper source due to its fast-growing nature, while our inks are water-based. With recycled paper supports, this is an environmentally friendly print that upholds to museum quality standards. 

Giclée? /ʒˈkl/ (zhee-klay)

This is a French term to describe a high-quality print made with tiny amounts pigment ink on long-lasting fine art quality paper. The pigment in the ink helps keep colours lightfast as long as the print is not placed in direct sunlight. The paper mill we use is a few hundred years old and knows a thing or two about making paper last the test of time.

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